Continuing the tradition of making a meaningful difference in women’s health through SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. we have exciting plans for 2019. To kick off 2019 Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacy Conference, will engage in a Giving Activity. What, you say? Read on….

Over half of Canadians know someone who has visited a food bank. When women and girls visit food banks most often cupboards are bare when it comes to a necessary need: Feminine Hygiene Products. Women and mothers shouldn’t have to choose between food and hygiene products, hydro and hygiene products or anything else when people are struggling.

Some are forced to resort to all kinds of unacceptable practices, including theft, use of unsanitary replacements like socks, plastic bags, cotton balls, makeup pads, even newspaper in place of hygiene products - it’s an issue of dignity.

Many people don’t even consider it an issue until it’s raised, and their response is typically, “Of course – we should have considered this.”

In partnership with Food Banks Canada, SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. is asking all Pharmacists and Office Personnel to bring Feminine Hygiene products with them to the Pharmacy Conference for donation.

Donation boxes will be set up, where you can easily make your contribution. Received with sincere gratitude. Food Banks Canada will help us distribute items based on need through their network of Food Banks across Canada.

Bring tampons, pads, liners. Whatever and how much you can, to help. All brands welcomed.

Insufficient quantities of feminine hygiene products have been an issue facing marginalized Canadian women and girls for too long. Thank you for joining us as we showcase the support of SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. and our ongoing commitment to women’s health in Canada.