Master of Ceremonies

Ted Bisaillion, V.P. of Fun

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Keynote Speaker

2019 Shoppers Drug Mart Pharmacist Conference
Closing General Session
Keynote Address

Amanda Lindhout,
Journalist and Canadian Humanitarian
House in the Sky: An Extraordinary Mindset
Amanda, born and raised in Alberta, Canada became a journalist based in war ridden Iraq and Afghanistan. 
In 2008, she was kidnapped by a group of extremists while traveling as a freelance journalist in Somalia. She was held captive for more than 15 months, released only after her family paid a ransom. 
Her astonishing struggle for physical and mental survival, and her life after being freed, provide an example of resilience in the face of severe challenges. 
In this eloquent and focused keynote, Amanda discusses her experiences in captivity. Amanda outlines the techniques that she employed to survive in the early aftermath of her capture, and how coping strategies like mindfulness, visualization, and self-talk strengthened as her captivity lengthened. She describes what qualities enable not only survival, but also the capacity to thrive in the face of adversity.